How to be positive when facing the scary unknown

We all have our struggles, including me. If you haven't read about my personal war against panic attacks, here's the series on my other blog, Speak Schmeak.

I know you've been through something difficult and you survived. But did you manage to keep a good attitude through it all? Did you know that having a positive attitude helps not only with mental health, but also with physical healing? Here's just one article that addresses the issue.

Read this blog post by Sean Holton, who is having his second brain surgery today on a recurring cancerous tumor. If Sean can get through this with humor, can't we all improve our attitudes a little? Not just when we're going through something scary and difficult, but maybe all the time?


Laura said...

The big takeaway from the article is the last sentence:

"It won't make the disease go away."

Lisa Braithwaite said...

True! But it sure does improve quality of life if you have to be stuck with a disease!