There's always time for a treat

Yesterday, during a long string of afternoon errands, I took a break and got my car washed. While I waited, I treated myself to a Häagen-Dazs coffee and almond crunch ice cream bar.

Probably not the kind of snack I should be eating when I'm trying to stay in shape and eat well, but at the same time, if there are never any treats, life is no fun!

I left with a shiny clean car and a belly full of ice cream. Truly heaven!


Long life and vitality

As Bub and I shopped the dairy case at Trader Joe's, I spotted an elderly woman in a wheelchair who seemed to be waving at me. I walked toward her, looking for some familiarity in her face, but didn't recognize her. However, she was indeed waving me over, so I approached her.

She said to me, "You have a wonderful young man. Take care of him." I replied, "I know!" She continued, "Give him back rubs!" I smiled and told her I would, and she gave him the same instruction. We said goodbye and walked on.

I later discovered that this woman is 95 years old. Her aide apparently leaves her in a spot where she can see and interact with lots of people during the shopping trip. What a sweet and positive woman. I can only hope I'm that vital when I'm 95!