Free soup!

Met a friend at a local cafe for coffee and catching up. The manager approached us and asked if we would like some vegetable soup, as they were getting ready to dump it for the day. I, of course, asked if it was vegetarian. And it was!

He brought me a beautiful pint of colorful veggie soup, which Bub and I had for dinner that evening with marinated feta spread on whole grain toasts, and a glass of wine. Tasty, and what a special treat!


Sparrow breakfast

Waiting for my gas tank to fill up, I noticed some tiny sparrows off to the side, scooting around some plants looking for snacks.

As I watched, I realized that they were eating the leaves of the plant, almost the same size as the birds. No tiny bugs or seeds for these guys! They munched away until the leaves were gone.

Photo by Magda S.


Busy bee

This magnolia tree is only head-high, so I was able to look right into this flower at eye level and watch the bees going about their business.

What's the last thing you observed up close?