Standing up for television

There are a lot of people out in the world who not only knock TV, but knock those of us who watch it like we're some kind of illiterate fools.

Because apparently it's not possible to enjoy TV and still be a productive member of society. If I watch TV, I must be eating bucketloads of junk food and letting my brain turn to mush. Not to mention the lack of exercise I get because apparently I sit on my fat butt in front of the boob tube instead of moving my body.

I'm tired of it and I'm going to defend watching TV, here and now. I can only speak for myself; I don't know what the rest of you watch, how much time you spend or how it impacts your life.

I work out five days a week; it's on my calendar and I'm deeply committed.

I read.

I write.

I cook.

I make jewelry.

I spend time with my husband, my friends and my cats, and my family when I have the time to travel.

I have work time and personal time, and TV falls into my personal time. I don't work during personal time, because I value the boundaries I've set between work and play. TV watching falls into play time. I don't work 16 hours a day, so TV is hardly affecting my productivity. I need and want downtime and I don't apologize for making time for it.

In fact, TV is some of the best inspiration I've found for my public speaking blog, Speak Schmeak. TV shows, sporting events and commercials regularly provide fodder for my blog posts. I find that it keeps my ideas fresh and in tune with pop culture. It stimulates my thinking and helps me apply effective public speaking principles to a lot of different situations. Why not use Top Gear, Top Chef or American Idol as inspiration? People watch those shows and can relate to the people and issues I write about.

Here are 85 public speaking blog posts that have been inspired by TV.

I'm tired of being judged because I enjoy TV. I have hobbies. I get plenty of sleep. I eat well. I think for myself. I'm pretty sharp, actually. And I watch TV. I find TV entertaining. I even learn things from TV.

You don't like TV. That's fine for you. But what's the big deal if I like it?

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