Let loose with car dancing!

It's only fitting that a blog called "Yay Life!" would reference a blog called "The Jungle of Life," right? Lance Ekum is a fellow optimist and lover of life, and he's started a micro-movement for car dancing in conjunction with The Levity Project.

Do you enjoy dancing and singing in your car, but stop when other cars pull up near you? How about taking the opportunity to forget all that insecurity and embarrassment and just enjoy yourself! I sing at the top of my lungs all the time when I'm driving, whether anyone's looking or not. But I can't say that I've yet graduated to dancing, unless I'm in the car with someone else, and then, for some reason, it's less embarrassing. Watch some car dancing below.

Over at the Speak Schmeak blog, this is a recurring theme: Lighten up, have fun, stop worrying about what others think. There's nothing wrong with having a good time during a presentation, for you or for the audience.

Fun isn't something I've talked about much over here, though. I'm going to have to remedy that!

Don't forget to check out Lance's blog and The Levity Project. Who can't use a little more levity in their life?


Lance said...

You know, I can completely relate! Doing this alone is much harder than when you are with someone else and you're grooving to the music.

Getting over that hurdle...this was just a whole lot of fun!! And seeing everyone together in the video, from all over the world...that is very connecting!

Thanks much for sharing it here!!

Calla said...

I sing in my car and have car danced numerous time. All unaware that there was a name for it. I loved the video, it so made me smile. Thanks for making it OK for me to keep singing and dancing even if I'm at a stoplight!

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Lance and Calla, it's such a relief to know that kooky car-singing people are out there. Keep up the good work!