The ubiquitous agapanthus

I've taken a liking to the agapanthus. Also called the Lily of the Nile, the agapanthus is about as ubiquitous as greenery can be. Planted in front of every bank, doctor's office and corporate headquarters, it's a hardy plant that looks good even when not flowering.

In Santa Barbara, agapanthus is everywhere, in shades from deep blue to violet to white, and from tiny varieties to giant ones. I imagine that no one even looks twice at the agapanthus any more (except the hummingbirds I've seen drinking from it); it's meant not to stand out but to fill a space without much thought or concern for its care.

Well, at least I'm a fan of the agapanthus. Its giant flower cluster, hiding in plain sight, is beautiful to me. The individual flowers are delicate, while the flower cluster itself is powerful. I love spotting a row of dwarf agapanthus planted in front of a row of full-size ones. When hubby and I are driving around town, we've been known to shout out "Agapanthus!" at the sight of a patch. Here's an informative page from South Africa that talks about this "magical and medicinal plant."

What have you noticed that's hiding in plain sight?

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