Secret to a long, healthy life?

We were having dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant last week, when I overheard the conversation of the people sitting behind me. One woman was talking about running into an old friend who said he had been at her 90th birthday party. He asked her how old she was now. At the time of the story, last year, she told him she'd be 102 in January.

I couldn't contain myself. I was dying to turn around and look at this woman! I told my husband what I had heard of the story. He could see her. He said, "She looks great. She has her own teeth!"

When they got up to leave, I managed to sneak a peek. She was slightly hunched over, but not using a cane or walker.

The server told me that they've asked her her secret of longevity, and she says she doesn't know; she eats what she wants and drinks alcohol occasionally.

I bet she loves life, too!

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