Share your good customer service stories

I'd like to share some positive customer service experiences I've had lately, as a reminder that blanket statements about bad service are never true! There really are employees out there who like to help people and enjoy the opportunity to do so through their jobs.

Example #1: We received an invoice from Santa Barbara Radiology, a year after our house fire, for Bub's chest X-rays.

We had given all of our insurance information at the time in the emergency room, and since then have changed insurance companies.

I've been on the phone to both SB Radiology and Cigna, our former insurer, and both have been extremely helpful in trying to figure out the problem and resolve it, all the while assuring me that we have no responsibility for this bill. I just got a message the other day that the medical group (who should have paid in the first place) is being re-billed, and everything should clear up soon.

Everyone I've spoken to has been responsive, helpful, friendly and lighthearted. Just what a person needs who really doesn't want to keep reliving a traumatic night in the ER.

Example #2: Last year I changed my phone because after two Razrs that were both defective, I decided it was time to move on to a different model. Unfortunately, my contract wasn't over, so I had to pay for the phone and add another two years to my contract. That's life, right?

Now I'm ready to move on to a smart phone... yes, I'm a little behind. I called Sprint to find out how I might go about getting a new phone even though my contract isn't up for another year. After explaining that the only reason I ended my contract early was due to defective phones, the service rep for Sprint made every effort to figure out a loophole for me to get the new phone with minimal expense.

After getting some good tips on Twitter about being a premier customer with Sprint (apparently I am one), I called back and learned that I would be able to get my new phone a year early. Thanks to two very helpful customer service reps at Sprint who got creative about helping me the best they could with the tools they have!

Example #3:
Last week I attempted to refill a prescription online through CVS' new interface. I received a message that it was too soon to refill my prescription. Well, of course this wasn't true and I had the nearly empty container to show for it.

I got on the phone with CVS and it turns out that, even though this prescription had been filled properly for several years, it must have been entered incorrectly with the last refill request from my doctor. The person on the phone immediately resolved the issue by contacting my doctor's office to get the error fixed, and my prescription was filled on time.

This young man not only understood where the error had come from, but didn't waste any time questioning me or arguing with me about my own prescription. He jumped right in and fixed it. Completely painless on my part.

On a side note: Remember that customer service representatives are people, too! My mom is one of the nicest, most generous people you'll meet, and she would never in a million years be rude or nasty on the phone. Last week, she spoke to someone who really upset her, and she's been doing this a long time, so I know the person must have been really bad. In my mom's words:

"Just spoke with a very unkind lady.....please remember when you are speaking with somebody in customer service remember that they are people too, and, that they are not magicians who can just do anything you want them to do. 99% of the customer service reps you deal with are trying hard to serve you and it really ruins a perfectly fine day and makes it difficult to stay calm when the next call comes in."

And this:

"Another day, starting off hopeful and enthusiastic. I pray that I can keep my cool and be compassionate to all my callers, off the wall or not."

Please share your GOOD customer service stories in the comments!

Bonus: One more! Having my 75,000 mile service on my car a few months ago, I received an estimate and had them go ahead and do what needed to be done. During the work, my battery died. Instead of revising the estimate and having me pay more, they kept the estimate the same and added the battery for free!


Lisa Braithwaite said...

I called Goodtobeyou.com to order a gift certificate as a birthday gift and got a recording. I asked them to call me back today if possible, as I wanted to get this out right away.

Lee called me back about an hour later, saying the shop was closed for the day and she was calling me from home!

She cheerfully took my order, put together an e-gift certificate for me and sent it off. She also suggested that she would add an electronic gift certificate offering to the site and send me the link when it goes live.

I will definitely recommend this shop to others (I am right now!) and shop there again myself.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

I recently bought a pair of Simple shoes on closeout at the Nugget Market up in Elk Grove, CA. I tried them on, they fit, I took the box to the register and bought them. Or so I thought.

When I opened the box a week later, after returning home from our trip, I realized I had grabbed the wrong box -- and the wrong size.

I contacted the company to see if there were even any size 9s left and if I could exchange the shoes by mail.

Not only did Molly Lewis at Nugget agree to exchange the shoes, she special-ordered my size because they were all gone. On closeout. Who ever orders more of something when it's on closeout?

I sent mine back, and the replacements are on their way. Thank you, Nugget! http://www.nuggetmarket.com/